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 Risen Heroes DKP system !

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Risen Heroes DKP system ! Empty
PostSubject: Risen Heroes DKP system !   Risen Heroes DKP system ! EmptyTue May 11, 2010 7:11 pm

Loot System: DKP

Why DKP and not something else?
We decided to use this DKP system called Quick DKP v. 2.6.7 which is kinda a mix of EPGP. Now you are probably thinking why we want this then and not EPGP and this is due to EPGP is based on you can gather as much as you like which we think will be unfair to new members since they won't stand a chance to atleast get 1 item while on trial on new content since everyone else will be able to outbid them. With Quick DKP it's way easier to control the max DKP to give everyone a fair chance to get in the game and get to bid on loot even on new content.
HOWEVER! We in the officer base will always keep the right to hand the loot to the one which we seem to be most important to get this item to keep a steady progress up. Like on new content it is wise to gear up tank first mostly.

How do you earn DKP?
DKP are handed out while raiding. There is some different kinda ways to earn these DKP as follow:
  • Timed Award - There is being given 2 DKP every 20 minute while in the raid
  • Iron Man Award - If you stay the whole raid through. Farming content: 10 DKP, New content: 25 DKP
  • Boss Kill - This is given on boss kills. New bosses give higher DKP. This has yet to be decided.
  • Good Samaritan - If you help out the guild in some certain way. See an officer to learn what the current award is given for.

Furthermore there is a max. DKP given depending on rank to ensure long staying members not to get cheated for an item they worked hard to get.
These are as follows:

  • Officer Staff: 450
  • Raider Rank: 400
  • Member Rank: 350
  • Trialists: 300

How do I spend/use my DKP?
You can spend your DKP on items dropped during raids. In order to bid in on an item you'll have to /w the current Master Looter also known as ML for what spec you need this and the amount you like to bid.
  • Exampel: /w Missnoble Main 100

Then if you are the highest bidder then your the winner of this item and pay the lowest bid + 10 DKP in permission.
  • Exampel: You bid 75 on an item and the lowest bidder bid 50 then you'll have to pay 60 DKP for the item you're given.

You can also spend DKP on items located in the DKP tab in the GB. In order to do this you will then have to confront an officer staff and explain why and what for you want this item and they will set a fair price which you'll then have to pay in DKP.

Do I need the addon and how can I see my DKP?
Only officers will need the addon. Members do not. We will sort out all of your DKP and you will always be able to see your DKP in the officer note where you are able to see your current DKP and how much you had in the history if you where able to save up these Smile
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Risen Heroes DKP system !
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