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Ours is not to reason why Ours is but to do and die
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 [Accepted] tank/dps paladin

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[Accepted] tank/dps paladin Empty
PostSubject: [Accepted] tank/dps paladin   [Accepted] tank/dps paladin EmptyFri Apr 23, 2010 12:32 am

General Information:
Name: Omar
Age & Gender: 18. male
Location/Timezone: Devon,England. GMT
Can you attend our four scheduled raids (Wed, Fri, Sun and Monday 20.00-23.00)? Yes
Occupation: Student
Tell us a little about yourself: I lived most of my life in Palestine. Now im in england and i study IT in college.

Character Information
Character Name: Tuffdaddy
Class: Paladin
Armory Link:http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bladefist&cn=Tuffdaddy
Total time /played on this character: 22 days, 9 hours, 55 minutes and counting
How long did you take to level from 70-80?: about a month
List and describe any gear sets for other specs that you possess: I got a DPS Gear set. And some healing gear which i dont use.

Do you have any reasonably geared alts that you are prepared to play as well? List & describe them here: the best alt i got is a level 67 healing druid but the gear aint that good.

Describe your role in a raid - and go into detail; this is your chance to demonstrate to us that you know your class: well it depends what spec realy in tanking spec i be tanking Smile following the tactics, hold threat, keep looking at the Omen window to make sure no one is too close with their threat and if they are try my best to make my threat higher by giving it some extra juice and if that dont work use "Hand of Salvation" on the person with the closest threat.
in DPS spec i be trying to do as much damege as possible with also keeping my eye out for any danger of the healers or tanks being in trouble. And use my special paladin abilities when appropreat to save the day.

Raiding Information
Previous Raid Experience (guilds, ranks/roles, and content cleared - include Vanilla/TBC if relevant): im a bit new to the game realy started nearly a year ago. but im a quick learner and im doin good so far well i think :s. didnt raid much only done raids like VOA and weakly raids, im in the guild unity which my friend got me into because i wasnt in one and they nice people and all but i aint progressing with them so im trying to get into this gear to make my way up and be with the greatest.

Reason for Leaving your current guild. If you are leaving on good terms, give us the names of anyone who could vouch for you: i left because they wernt helping me progress and they dont do that well in raids. i know gimli here to vouch for me.

Link to any recent combat parses (WMO, WoL, etc):

Link a screenshot of your UI (in combat, preferably in a raid), and/or a video of you playing: i havnt got non sry.

List your computer's stats and your internet connection. Include average latency and FPS during raids: 69 latency and 31 FPS

Explain your reasoning for being your current race if Alliance. If Horde, what race would you pick when you change?: well i chose human because i am human and humans are the best Smile. if i wer to switch sides id have to be BE because they only can be paladins but of o could have any i would probebly go for tauren because of the good looks and extra stam i get whcih is usefull as tank.

Risen Heroes and You
Why do you want to join Risen Heroes?:because i want to raid and get alot and most important so i can kill the lich king.
Tell us why we should give you a trial:
well i realy want it Very Happy and im ready to work to raise my reputation with yall
What are your thoughts on beginning raids early and staying beyond the required raid times to down new content? Would you be available for occasional Friday / Saturday raids during progression?: yea thats cool with me as long as im not in hospital or on my death bed.

How do you feel about sitting out when raid composition demands it?:
i respect that and cool with it.
Are you active in any non-raiding aspects of WoW like PVP, achievements, or alts? On average how many hours are you online each week?:
im usualy if im not raiding or nothing im doin PVP and daily quests and farming for mounts, and if i do all that and have time to spare i level my alt.
Do you know any raiders in Risen Heroes?:
yes mr, gimli
If accepted, do you see yourself raiding with us long term?:
Link (or tell us about) something that you found entertaining and/or interesting (don't worry if its slightly off-colour):
hmmmmm, south park Very Happy woohooo

Additional Information
Do you play any other games? Give us an idea of your general gaming background/history:
main game before WOW was counter strike still play it some times.
Do you have a working microphone and headset, and are you willing & able to speak on Vent when required?:
yea i got working stuff yea i might be talking when i get used to it.
Do you have a Blizzard Authenticator / iPhone attached to your account? Are you willing to purchase one?:
dont have. might do.
If there is anything else you would like to add, or you have any closing comments, include them here:
na not realy im goin to do some daily quests now.
Have you read and understood Guild Policies and Raid Information?: yes cheers
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[Accepted] tank/dps paladin Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] tank/dps paladin   [Accepted] tank/dps paladin EmptyFri Apr 23, 2010 1:52 am

Glad you found your way to the forums tuff Smile

Your app was a good read and is now up for discussion with our officers, you'll hear back from us as soon as possible.

Good luck Very Happy
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Posts : 54
Join date : 2010-03-03
Location : England

[Accepted] tank/dps paladin Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] tank/dps paladin   [Accepted] tank/dps paladin EmptySat Apr 24, 2010 2:11 am

We have decided that we would like you to join Risen Heros focusing more on your Ret Spec.

Poke me in game or any other class leader/officer to fix you up with your trial Smile
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[Accepted] tank/dps paladin Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] tank/dps paladin   [Accepted] tank/dps paladin Empty

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[Accepted] tank/dps paladin
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