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 [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App

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[Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App Empty
PostSubject: [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App   [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 2:35 am

General Information:
Age & Gender:29/Male
Location/Timezone:Osijek, Croatia, GMT +1 hour same as server time
Can you attend our four scheduled raids (Wed, Fri, Sun and Monday 20.00-23.00)? I can do 3/4 monday seems like only day i couldn't.
Occupation:Custimare Care Service agent
Tell us a little about yourself:I like to play WoW Razz, besides that work and also i'm kickboxing instructor - this is why i can't manage to raid on mondays. Twisted sence for humor => Graveheart style Razz

Character Information
Character Name: Smradex
Class: Paladin (Ret/Prot)
Armory Link:Smradex
Total time /played on this character: 180 days
How long did you take to level from 70-80?: not much but i have a thing for saronite, so i spent few days on lvl 78 to farm saronite and lvl BS instead of lvling Razz
List and describe any gear sets for other specs that you possess:
Prot set it's about 5000 gs (since everyone started to aska about that), good for heroics, tonked VoA 10/25 some ICC10 also, but there is room to improve ofc.

Do you have any reasonably geared alts that you are prepared to play as well? List & describe them here:
Working on Holy gear for a secondary specc.

Describe your role in a raid - and go into detail; this is your chance to demonstrate to us that you know your class: Depending on specc i'll do as much dmg as possible but depending on encounter can heal/cleanse and use other utility that pala has like Freedom on tonks if needed, Salvation of dps has too high threat, Protection on healer...and ofc staying alive since thats one of most important parts of encounters.

Raiding Information
Previous Raid Experience (guilds, ranks/roles, and content cleared - include Vanilla/TBC if relevant): Started to play just b4 TBC relise so in Vanilla i just leveled up, while after trying things up ended up in The Dragon where i've been for 2 years(it's a greate guild and one of Bladefist oldest) eventually progressed trough ranks there and become Class Leader for paladins.
Did all content with them in TBC Except Kael'thas Sunstrider and did BT till Mother Sharaz than took a break from wow and came back after Wotlk came out. Now i''m lacking ToTC expirience but have been ICC10 Up to Rotface. In Wotlk Anathema guys (and girlz) showed me Ulduar. But raiding didn't get reinvented just try to get max out of your class and be fully prepeared with consumables.

Reason for Leaving your current guild. If you are leaving on good terms, give us the names of anyone who could vouch for you: Free agent atm.

Link to any recent combat parses (WMO, WoL, etc):
Recount - Damage Done for Grandmaster's Training Dummy 00:15:58-00:16:43
1. Smradex 141074 (5175.1, 100%) this is SoC on 2 dumyes it can go over 6k on trash and stuff, for singletarged DPS i use SoV ofc and it does 4k+ dps depedning on fight.

Link a screenshot of your UI (in combat, preferably in a raid), and/or a video of you playing: i didn't have a need to take SS of my UI in raid so i don't have one ready, maybe if i post it later in one of VoA raids.

List your computer's stats and your internet connection. Include average latency and FPS during raids: 4Mbit/256kbit D/U, stable, usually 1 dc per day
but thats ISP related stuff.
Athlon X2 4600+ 2GB RAM
ATIRadeon 1950
Cant have all stuff on max, but tuned for raiding.

Explain your reasoning for being your current race if Alliance. If Horde, what race would you pick when you change?:Human, since old warcraft i enjoyed Human campaign and if i would switch horde it would be BE cuz they r only paladins over there(but i wouldn't do that).

Risen Heroes and You
Why do you want to join Risen Heroes?:Wanna riad basicly, feel the thrill of the kill. Progressing guild that expands to 25man interested me a lot, since hopefully i'm close to join you on your quest gearwise atm. One of my best wow moments were 1st kills with guildes and I hope that Risen Heroes will revive that once again.

Tell us why we should give you a trial: Cuz i'm armed and ready and its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...and i'm all out of gum...

What are your thoughts on beginning raids early and staying beyond the required raid times to down new content? Would you be available for occasional Friday / Saturday raids during progression?: Woot woot, on those days i could have 2/2 attendance sometimes i work on fridays till 22:00 but thats a big YES. As for staying up late well..if my mommy lets me Razz

How do you feel about sitting out when raid composition demands it?:
Been there done that - i'll farm saronite meanwhile!!!!

Are you active in any non-raiding aspects of WoW like PVP, achievements, or alts? On average how many hours are you online each week?: I play sick if you take in concidearation how much i negleckt social aspect of RL, hope my GF doesent choke me with pillow one night.

Do you know any raiders in Risen Heroes?: Know only some ppl that joined you from Anathema, not sure if i know any that were already in guild.

If accepted, do you see yourself raiding with us long term?: Me love you looong time. (In my nature to stick with guild)

Link (or tell us about) something that you found entertaining and/or interesting (don't worry if its slightly off-colour):

Additional Information
Do you play any other games? Give us an idea of your general gaming background/history:Not playing any other game, WoW more than enough for me. As for other games, would really have to go travel back in time to remindmyself first.

Do you have a working microphone and headset, and are you willing & able to speak on Vent when required?:Could maybe sing also, not that i'm good at it - just if you wanna scare ppl of Vent.

Do you have a Blizzard Authenticator / iPhone attached to your account? Are you willing to purchase one?: Don't have it / Maybe

If there is anything else you would like to add, or you have any closing comments, include them here: Uff, this was one long apply, wanted to do it before work but didn't have enough time. Hope i did it ok after all.

Have you read and understood Guild Policies and Raid Information?: Yes i did.
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[Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App   [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 3:13 am

You did the application just fine Very Happy

However it ain't up to me to decide alone so I'll add your application on [Pending] and either I or 1 of my officers will then return with an answer for you shortly.

Good Luck!

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[Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App   [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App EmptyWed Feb 17, 2010 12:19 pm

Your application has been accepted.

Feel free to whisper Missnoble, Qassiopeia, Chaosreaver, Graveheart or myself for an invite.

Congratulations and Welcome to the guild Smile
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[Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App   [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App EmptyWed Feb 17, 2010 12:20 pm

Cheers Smile
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[Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App   [Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App Empty

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[Accepted]Retribution Paladin Smradex App
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