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 [Accepted] Ninj - Hunter

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Ninj - Hunter   [Accepted] Ninj  - Hunter EmptyWed Feb 17, 2010 1:38 am

General Information:
Name: Chris
Age & Gender: 25 Male
Location/Timezone: Exeter, Devon, UK
Can you attend our four scheduled raids (Wed, Fri, Sun and Monday 20.00-23.00)? Yes
Occupation: Paralegal
Tell us a little about yourself: Currently work in a solicitors in Devon, have been playing WoW since it was released, love it! Live in Exeter with my gf who very kindly understands WoW and the 'drawbacks' that go with it :p

Character Information
Character Name: Ninj
Class: Hunter
Armory Link:http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bladefist&cn=Ninj
Total time /played on this character: Around 127 hours.
How long did you take to level from 70-80?: A few months I think?
List and describe any gear sets for other specs that you possess: All damage, so none. I do have a fire res set in bank just for laughs.

Do you have any reasonably geared alts that you are prepared to play as well? List & describe them here: Am currently levelling lots of alts, none (apart from a DK) above 60, loving tanking as a pally at mid-50s level though so will keep pushing with that.

Describe your role in a raid - and go into detail; this is your chance to demonstrate to us that you know your class:DPS, possible crowd control / 'entertainer'. Obviously as a hunter, I stand and shoot, however as a ranged class I'm invaluable in some cases where range dps is the only way to , say, kill the frost orbs in VoA or Anu'Barak in ToC. Also having a number of traps gives the hunter the ability to crowd control, if only for a short time. Also one of the hunters main features his his/her aggro loss ability, sustained mana regen during battles (which equals reliable DPS) and threat redirection.

Raiding Information
Previous Raid Experience (guilds, ranks/roles, and content cleared - include Vanilla/TBC if relevant): This is going to test the old grey matter. I've always been a hunter, experienced and loved it. Whilst I have always opted out of being a high ranking officer / class leader due to the politics that's involved, I've always advised when I could. As I've raided sice WoW was released, have done most Vanilla & TBC raids, if not when they were released then have done them since being 80. Highest content cleared to date is VoA (haha) and ToC 10, with ToC25 experience.

Reason for Leaving your current guild. If you are leaving on good terms, give us the names of anyone who could vouch for you: Am currently in a social guild, which is great, but when it comes to experiencing the game and it's high end content I can't because the guild isn't geared that way. As such, have found myself becoming bored with WoW over the past few months and wish to help a guild progress, and be part of that progression.
Most 80s would be prepared to vouch for me, Prompter would be a name that springs to mind as we get on quite well, or Fellador, the GM.

Link to any recent combat parses (WMO, WoL, etc): I don't understand this question?

Link a screenshot of your UI (in combat, preferably in a raid), and/or a video of you playing:

List your computer's stats and your internet connection. Include average latency and FPS during raids: Intel Celeron 1.7; 1.5GB Mem, NVidia GeForce 4200. Latency is around 80-120, FPS is usually 10-15 or so in a raid with all the stuff flying.
That being said I'm curently awaiting for a new Dell Intel E7500 to be ordered and delivered, after which I'll pop a new graphics card in as due to 'recent' WoW developements the game is getting laggy for most players, and my PC desperately needs an upgrade. So far in 5 years my WoW gaming has always been good in terms of latency / fps, untill the blooming migration.

Explain your reasoning for being your current race if Alliance. If Horde, what race would you pick when you change?:Night Elf, love the lore / look, even from WC2, 3 & RoC, plus is what I chose when WoW was released and have maintained my main ever since. If Horde I would have chosen Troll, or later, Blood Elf.

Risen Heroes and You
Why do you want to join Risen Heroes?: I've been in a few PuG raids / HC's with a few of its members (Missnoble for instance) and have liked they way they've composed themselves, as such it seems like a friendly yet raid-minded guild.

Tell us why we should give you a trial: Because you'll love me, of course. I'm a dedicated, loyal, friendly yet serious player, I want to experience the feel of the decent raid again, and to be part of the guilds progression.

What are your thoughts on beginning raids early and staying beyond the required raid times to down new content? Would you be available for occasional Friday / Saturday raids during progression?: Why else be in a guild / raid? Would love the opportunity to down new content, would be very pleased to down more than planned and fulfil that group accomplishment.

How do you feel about sitting out when raid composition demands it?:Happy too, at the end of the day its about guild progression, and especially as a DPS class I know I won't have every raid, especially as a new-comer.

Are you active in any non-raiding aspects of WoW like PVP, achievements, or alts? On average how many hours are you online each week?: Very active in all aspects, I tend to PVP for 30-60 mins a day, I do dailies each morning before work, I've done lots of Achi's and enjoy doing them.

Do you know any raiders in Risen Heroes?: Not really, know of MissNoble.

If accepted, do you see yourself raiding with us long term?: Yes definitely. I tend to stay with a guild for a very long time, even when I have reasons to leave, which isn't often.

Link (or tell us about) something that you found entertaining and/or interesting (don't worry if its slightly off-colour): http://uk.pc.gamespy.com/flintlocke-vs-the-horde/episode-12-war-party/973379p1.html
This series is so funny, I laughed out loud at so much of it!!

Additional Information
Do you play any other games? Give us an idea of your general gaming background/history: I play console games quite a bit (Xbox 360 & Wii), I like comics so tend to go with Marvel / DC games, also a lore fan so love any lore based games. Just ordered Star Trek online as well, will see what that's like in my spare time when I'm not on WoW Smile

Do you have a working microphone and headset, and are you willing & able to speak on Vent when required?: Yes I do, and am willing. Karaoke ftw Wink

Do you have a Blizzard Authenticator / iPhone attached to your account? Are you willing to purchase one?: I don't have an IPhone, and no idea what a BLizzard Authenticator is? If it helped my game I'd buy it yea.

If there is anything else you would like to add, or you have any closing comments, include them here: Just thank you for taking the time to read this, and consider me. I feel it's time for me to once again be a part of a raiding guild and would love to join your ranks - the way you conduct yourselves in game and out is admirable to say the least. If you have any queries or questions just message me ingame or in this post, please let me know if I;ve missed anything out!

Have you read and understood Guild Policies and Raid Information?: Yes.
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[Accepted] Ninj  - Hunter Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Ninj - Hunter   [Accepted] Ninj  - Hunter EmptyWed Feb 17, 2010 12:10 pm

Added to pending, The officers will the discuss the application and get back to you as soon as possible. Good Luck with your application
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Posts : 64
Join date : 2010-01-30
Age : 31
Location : Boden Sweden

[Accepted] Ninj  - Hunter Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Ninj - Hunter   [Accepted] Ninj  - Hunter EmptyThu Feb 18, 2010 11:47 am

Your application has been accepted!

Whisper Myself, Missnoble, Graveheart, Adatar Qassiopeia, Chaosreaver or Anthea for an invite!

Welcome to Risen Heroes!
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[Accepted] Ninj  - Hunter Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Ninj - Hunter   [Accepted] Ninj  - Hunter Empty

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[Accepted] Ninj - Hunter
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